• December Bride
  • Part Two



was filled with an unreasonable anger against his wife. Why had she to
see him going out now? And why must she always bo so gentle and

An unpleasant feeling of prickly sweat and breathlessness made
him stop on a hill under some great beech trees. He looked around
him in a distracted manner. With an effort he calmed himself, and
sitting down, took out his handkerchief and mopped his brow. “It’s my
duty to insist that the child is baptised" he exclaimed, striking one
hand on the other. He sprang up and pressed onward to the top of the

In Rathard Sarah stood in a little shed open to the close, beetling
grain for the fowl. Hamitlton and Frank had gone to a timber auction
in a nearby plantitlon and the boy was asleep in the bedbox in the
kitchen. she was startled to hear a step at the corner of the shed,
and looking up she saw the Reverend. Mr. Sorleyson.

"Good afternoon," said the minister, taking off his hat and
fanning his face with it. "It's a very warm today.”

The woman looked at him supicously. "It is. Did ye want to
speak to Hamilton?"

"No, no. It was about the boy. Have you decided on a name for
him yet?"

"The men have a liking for the name of Ben.”

"Benjamin. That is a very noble name. Do you know what it
means, Sarah?"

"What it moans?" She laughed. "Names are things you’re bid by,

Mr Sorleyson"

Yes, but they’ve meanings too. You name means 'a princess.'"

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