• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 17



"Whatever you think is best," said Mr Blake. "Maybe wWe could try
that for a while and seeif things quieten down. Maybe people will lose
interest maybe and leave us in peace."

Kevin said that he would telephone Sadie someone morning while she was at Mr Blake's and they would and arrange their next meeting, but onevenings were light so long it was not possible to meet in darkness.
riding home on the bus, he decided that he would not phone her. He
must not see her again. For her sake. He was terrified that something
might happen to her. The ’Twelfth’ was approaching, and her street
would soon be consumed withby Orange fever.

He called in at the scrapyard. M He would be able to go back to
work the following week and was glad of that for time hung like balls
of lead round his neck. He saw Mr MaloneKelly working at the far end of
the yard, sorting otu parts of an old car.

"Hi there, Mr Malone.Kelly!" Kevin picked his way through the junk
towards him.

Mr MaloneKelly looked up very briefly, then returned to his sorting.

"I’ve come to teil you I’ll be fit for work on Monday."

"You needn't bother." Still Mr MaloneKelly did not look up.

"What?" Kevin fornwed. He and Mr MaloneKelly had always got on well,
they had never exchanged a harsh word. "Do you mean you’re giving me
my bookscards?"

"Just that." Mr MaloneKelly wiped his a hands on a dirty rag.

"But why?"

"Do you need me to spell it out for you?"

Joan Lingard
Twelfth, Scrapyard
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