• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 17



"Oh well of course. The odd fight, you know."

"You've got a bandage on your head. Get that in a fight? When?

Kevin told him he had been beaten up by three boys but that he
did not know their identitywho they were.

"Expect me to believe that?"

"Can't help it if you don't," said Kevin wearily.

At the end of the hour the detective stood up. He said that he
would leave it at i that meantime,but he would be back.

"I'll go as far as the gate with you," said Mr Blake.

"Are you sure you can walk that far, Mr Blake?" said Sadie.

"Yes, yes, now don't fuss, there's a good girl. Go and make us
some tea."

Mr Blake went down the path with the two policemen.

"I presume you have something t you want to say to us alone?"

Mr Blake nodded. He rested against the gate and told them of the
letters. "I didn't want Sadie and Kevin to be disturbed by them.
They're a nice couple of kids and I want them to have a chance to be

"It would have saved you a lot of trouble if they hadn't, Mr Blake.
And us too. Coming from streets like theirs they must have known
it would be like lighting a fuse. Good day, Mr Blake."

He watched them drive off in their car. "Moira was/coming along the
road with her children. He waited to speak to her.

"I'm glad you and Mike are happy," he said.

Joan Lingard
Fuse, Happy
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