• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 17



"What about you two?" The policeman swung round on Sadie and
Kevin. "Do you belong to any groups? Have you ever?"

"I was once a Girl Guide," xxx said Sadie, and Kevin's mouth
twitched. "But that's all."

"And you?" The policeman asked Kevin.

Kevin shook his head.

"Perhaps it was just some hooligans and they happened to pick on
me by accidentchance," said Mr Blake.

"I feel there's more to it than that. You keep your car in the
garage at night?x" Mr Blake/nodded. The policeman continued," So
somesbody person or persons went to the trouble to get into your
garage and loosen all the wheels, doing it carefully, replacing the
hub caps, clearing away any evidence afterwards. That's not the
work of hooligans. They might break one of your windows or score
a knife across the bodywork but they don't plan anything carefully."

"Seems a bit of a mystery then," said Mr Blake.

"One we intend to clear up if possible. You were lucky you all
got out alive. But we might have been looking for murderers this

Sadie stirred uneasily. Should she tell him about Steve? But
what was there to tell? She had no proof, no idea even if he was

Kevin thought of Rafferty's gang. Should he give Brian's name to
the policeman? But then he would have to say that Brian Rafferty
the b night before had been lying in his bed too ill to come out.

Joan Lingard
Hooligans, Knife
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