• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 17



How could he say that there were two other boys who might have been
involved but he did not know their faces and he did not knowor their

Mr Blake thought of the letters but there seemed little point
in mentioning them. He had burned them anyway so there was no
evidence left. And he did not want Sadei and Kevin to be upset by
knowing of them.

They all three kept quiet. The detective looked thoughtful.

"I think it would be helpful if I could establish the relationships
ofbetween the three of you*"

"That’s easy enough," said Mr Blake. "Sadie works for me in
the mronigngs, she does a little cleaning and cooking. And Kevin
is a friend."

"Of yours or Sadie's?"


"I see. Well, let us take down some particulars."

They wrote down Mr Blake's name, address, age, occupation. Then
it was/Sadie's turn. She spoke quickly; the policeman wrote slwoly
and had to ask her to repeat some of the answers.

"Right." The policeman looked at Kevin.

When Kevin gave his address the detective stopped writing. He
repeated the name of the street and then Sadie's street.

"I think that's a piece of information you might have given me

"You didn't ask," said Sadie. "And I didn't think it would be

Joan Lingard
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