• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 17




The car lay crushed against the seal wall on its off-side, the near-
side wheels spinning in the air. Two cars stopped and the drivers ran
to help release the occupants. The dog would not stop barking and
yelping. It wastrembling with fright. Sadie scramibled out first,
and then Kevin. And then tThey helped to ease out Mr Blake. He was
dazed and could s not stand. They set him down by the edge of the road.
and Jack sat beside him licking his face.

By this timenow several other cars had stopped, and within minutessoon a
police car came along the road. The policeman sent out a call for
an ambulance.

"I’m all right," Mr Blake waskept muttering.

"We must have you all checked up," said the policemanconstable.

Sadie and Kevin were bruised and a little shocked but nothing more.
Mr Blake had kept xxxxxx his head and controlled the car as far as
it was possible so that they had not been travelling very fast when
they/hit the wall.

"Lucky escape," said the policemanconstable. "You don’t often have much of
a chance when a wheel comes off.

"Can’t understand it," said Mr Blake. "A wheel coming off."

"Somebody hasn’t tightened it up properly," said the policemanconstable.
"We’ll have to check at your garage."

"Haven’t had that wheel changed for months," said Mr Blake.

"Never mind," said Sadie. "Don’t think about it any more just now."

They wentwere taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance. The doctor cleared

Joan Lingard
Policeman, Ambulance
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