• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 17



of any interest."

"So you didn't think it would be of any interest? You say you're
friends? How many people in your street have friends in his street?"

"Welli... none that I know of."

"A Does your family know you're friendly?"

"Sort of."

"Does yours?" he asked Kevin.

"I'm not surex."

"You're not trying to say that either my family or his would try
to kill us both to stop us seeing one another?" Sadie burst out.

"I/wouldn't have thought so. But families can do strange things
when their blood is up."

"Nobody in mine would do such a thing," said Sadie indignantly.
"I can tell you that for a start."

"And no one in mine," said Kevin.

"What about neighbours?"

He questioned them for another hour, asking who their friends were,
insisting on names and addresses. M Sadie did not mention Steve and
Kevin did not mention Rafferty.

"These are friends," said Sadie. "You're not going to go round
questioning them,are you?"

"Probably not. But we'll check records for any trouble-makers.
What about enemies?"

Kevin shrugged.

"Never come up against anyone?"

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