• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 9



"Mind your own business!" Kevin spoke fiercely.

"I don't know that it might not be my business," said Brian, straightening up,
"If it's the same Sadie I'm thinking of."

"You won't tell me what to do, Brian Rafferty."

"No?" Brian smiled, andleaned back his shoulder back against the wall of a house.

Kevin wanted to push his head through the wall but he
walked on. There were still a number of people around in the streets
and firemen were dousing the last smoking remains of Doyle's pub.
Kevin skirted the crowds and reached home without having to exchange
words with anyone else. Fortunately, all his family was asleep,
even Brede.

"No" said Kevin and left him.

A few yards, and he was home. He shut the door thankfully behind him, tiptoed upstairs in his stockinged feet and fell
asleep on the bed fully clothed.

He wakened to the sound of church bells and Brede prodding him in
the ribs.

"What time did you come in last night?"

"Haven't the faintest ideaa clue. " He yawned and stretched.

There was a smell of bacon in the house.

"Get y up," said Brede." or you'll be late for mass."

He washed and,changed his clothes, and went dovm to the kitchen.
The rest of the family had eaten. His mother was fussing about,
washing faces and combing hair. All the children wore their best
clothes. It was the only time in the week when they were all clean
and tidy at the same time.

Kevin took his breakfast from the frying pan and sat down to eat.

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