• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 6



policeman walked, quite relaxed compared with the ones that trod the
beat in their streets,

"Sure it's peaceful here, Kevin," sighed Mr MaloneKelly.

Kevin agreed, though he was not sure he could have lived in one
of those neat villas screened by a hedge with a tidy lawn in front.
He could not actually see himself inside it. The troubel was at the
moment was that he could not see himself anywhere. His own house did not hold
him either.

They covered the area, going from house to house, taking their
time. Mr MaloneKelly was not one for rushing about. And at lunchtime
he disappeared for an hour into a pub and left Kevin to guard the
truck. Keain sat on the back in the sun leaning against the tail-
board enjoying the warmth on his face. He thought of Sadie and that
made him smile, but when he thought of Brian he was uneasy. He was
not at all sure that Brian was all right.

They stayed out till fair fairly late that evening. Neither of
them was xin a mood for going home. "The women are never done
fussing," said Mr MaloneKelly. "You and I might as well enjoy our bit of
peace while we have it, Kevin."

He dropped Kevin off at the end of the roadhis street.. They would unload
in the morning. "As well then as tonight," said Mr MaloneKelly and Kevin

When he wentcame in to the kitchen he fac saw Brian sitting in the cornerin the
corner waiting for him.

"You're late the night," said his fathermother

Joan Lingard
Guard, Truck
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