• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 6



"Not Sadie!"

He chuckled. "How did you guess?"

"She came into my mind earlier for some reason or other."

They were quiet as they heard the kitchen door openi and thei Mr M r
McCoy go the front door andto lock it for the night. Then Their parents
went in to the front do room and prepared for bed. The low sound
of their voices floated up to them. After a few minutes there was
a creaking of bed springs, and then silence.

They spoke more quifetly now. Kevin told Brede of his meeting
with Sadie and how they had gone up toon Cave Hill.

"Are you seeing her again?" she asked.

"I'm taking her to Bangor on Saturday."

She sighed. "Is that wiseShould you, do you think"

"Ah, Brede! There's an awful lot of things not wisenobody should do these days."
He yawned. "I'm away to mygoin' to bed."

He fell asleep at once. He could sleep standing up, as Brede often
said, but she did not sleep so easily. She lay awake for a while
watching the reflection of the street light through the think curtains.
She lay thinking of Sadie and Tommy. She wouldn't mind seeing Tommy
again but knew she would not. She saw too much trouble all around
her to want to cause any more.

The McCoy household stirred early in the morning. Mrs McCoy was
up first, feeding the baby, and then her husband to who was working
at present on a building site, and Kevin who started early in the scrap

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