• December Bride
  • Part One



and gleamed on her fair hair. Sorleyson considered her figure as she stood

in the roseate light. Kr regretted the shapeless apron that hung from her


The minister picked up his hat from the dresser. "Well, 1 must be away"

he said. "I hope to see you all on the Sabbath." He shook hands with both

women, and they heard him salute Frank as he crossed the close.

"Ye heard what the minister said, Sarah?" asked Martha when they were

alone again.

"I did - I heard him rightly" answered the girl irritably.

Martha straightened herself and turned round. "Aye, but did ye heed


"Why should I heed him? i.hat has he to do wi’ me?"

"He’s your clergyman."

"I didn’t ask for him! Why does he come here interfering in my concern?"

In her fumbling way Martha tried to explain what she meant. "It isnt

Mr Sorleyson, daughter. It’s what he stands for. He’s the servant o’ the

Church o’ God - the Church that ye were reared in - and your folks afore, ye.

Ye can’t prosper, Sarah, if ye forget your duty to God."

Her daughter turned on her with strident voice. "Aye! cur folks prospered,

didn't they, with their running tae Church on a Sunday! My father died on the

roads, and ever since I can mind my life has been nothing else but slaving for

other folk. And always (here she mimicked her mother cruelly) its 'be humble,

Sarah, God will reward ye.” Well, I’m tired o’ it! My ways are my own. I get

up in the morn tae my work, and at night I lie down in my bed, and if I fall

dead in the midst o* it, there’ll be little talk and less weeping!"

"God, what have I done tae hear my own daughter talk like this! lark

my words, S^rah, ya’ll see the day when you'll regret on your bended knees

Clergyman, Daughter
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