• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

29. 11. 77
replied : 18th Dec 77.

My dear Derek,

Saw Auntie Winifred today. I did a
deal over C.D. Mss and letters (letters to
C.D.) and came away with a cheque for
£375. I asked for £420 and she offered
£350,so we compromised. No doubt if I
really knew the market I cd have done
better still,but I’m reasonably satisfied.
I've Ixonly a little C.D. stuff left but will
probably hang on to it, at least for the
time being -- mainly Mss of poems and the

As for the R.G.-D.S. letters xxx it’s
no go, so I rescued the 2 packets. Over to
you. Will you meet me one day and I’ll hand
them over.

Is it difficult for you to get to
N.H.G.- Holland Park area ? Ixx We cd either
meet for lunch or you cd come to No.27
between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. almost any day.
Or I cd meet you for lunch in town from
19th Dec. onwards. Let me know what's best
for you.

Still waiting to hear from Hamilton in
N.Y. about the TIMES letter material.

What is the tax position ? I think one
can get up to £500 in any one Tax year
without any bother. Can't find the relevant
section xx (Capital gains) in the folder
sent out by the Inc Tax people.
Love to you both, Robert,

1977 Nov 29th
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