• Letters to Stanford


No. 62 .


My dear Derek,

Tnanks for note(on beautiful card).

I'll look forward to getting your book from Elizabeth. Good
news about B and B.

I may have told you I applied for a "Bursary" xxxxx awarded by
N.Ireland Arts Council. Had a letter of regret,but the Secy said
I should apply next year. A faint gleam of hope. (They awarded 3
of these,£300 each,to local authors - all in their thirties,I’d
say.) This broadcast may be a help,in showing the boys who hand
these things out that I didn’t stop writing at the end of the

Did I tell you my old pal Roy McF has a pook of poems coming
- don't know when - from Chatto ? He wrote a poem for my 50th
(enclose a copy): a good boy.

I'm nearly healed up now in that awkward place ...What a time of
it poor Peggie has had! Sympathy to her and good wishes for
a speedy recovery.

Meeting on Nov.llth wd be fine. Shall we meet at Victoria ?
(There are plenty of little restaurants near-by .) In the Golden
Arrow bar ? Let me know when and where - anywhere in central
London will suit,of course.

I've written anotherx chapter. It deals with my meeting with
Forrest Reid. Do you know his work?- "Apostate" etc.


1970 Oct 30th
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