• Letters to Stanford


No 27 P C

3. 12. 77

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs (undated).

Please thank yr Accountant. I think
the amount used to be £500 and ii has been
raised to £1,000. In future I shall know
who to consult re Accountancy problems.

Yes,next Wednesday 7th be fine. I don't
finish till 1 p.m. so,to save time,cd I
Skip the pub and meet you in the Italian
retaurant, the 'Ristero' in Church Street
(opposite the Mall and also opposite an
antique shop)? I'd get along about xxx
1.15. And of course I invite you by way
of modest Clifford-and-Christmas celebrat-
ion. (If I were an R.C. or Jew I wd add
"God rest his soul"...) it‘s an xxxxxx
Central Line run up to H’born.

Saw the OUTPOSTS review of I.T.F.
Have looked up Howard in yr book and one
reference shows him to be quite a hero, so
he shouldn’t feel too sore.

Soreness reminds me that,having nearly
licked the first wintry cold,I woke up
yesterday with sore and stiff back that persisted
all day. It's not sore this a.m. but a bit
stiff. Ageing,ageing... Even Herta is ageing
- she was 50 recently. She intended to cry
on her birthday but xxx was so busy cele-
brating that she forgot!

Another moan - I sent off the ,anti-Porn TIMES
letter correspondence to Charles E. Hamilton's in New York on
26th Oct.-some good items esp R.Graves letter. Mind
you it went
by sea mail. But I fear that it may be lost or, more like, stolen.
I,ve dealt with Hamilton,s years ago and they were O.K. -a highly
reputable firm, so I don't suspect them. Let that be a lesson to me!!
Love to you both - Robert-

1977 Dec 3rd
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