• Letters to Stanford


What an absurd, review that must have been;
Only one or two like Tambi cd be called
‘lunatics' and then only in a figurative

R. Greacen
27 Pembridge Crescent

I'm waiting to hear from Hamilton
(Autographs) in H.Y. to whom I've sold items
from time to time. I sent them the collection
of letters dealing with the Holbrook letter
to the TIMES a few years ago. There was a
good Graves letter,though he didn't sign,
addressed to me and an Auden signature that
came too late,you will remember.

Have rung W.M. I am to go and see
her next week. She said she had been trying to
get in touch with me and said a few vague
words about some offer. So let's see what
that is all about.

Sorry not to be sending you more than
these 3 letters but they are good ones. What
do you think ?

Love to you both.

1977 Nov 22nd
New York, The Times
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