• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

22. II. 77

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs of 19th.

Just getting over my 1st winter cold.
It wasn’t as bad as usual - but I must
touch wood quickly. Last year I was just
getting over one cold when bang came an
even bigger one.

Now,business. Well,well,well! of all
the damn ironies... A few weeks ago I
got rid of literally hundreds of letters,
cards and what-not that had accumulated
over the past year or so, so that my folders
were absolutely bursting. I didn’t touch
earlier material. I threw away a lot of
letters (quite a few of yours I must
confesses) they had all been answered and
with new books and mags coming in I haven't
enough space - and all Freddy's bloody
stuff here,too!

Now,all I can find of the period 14 Feb
- 31 Oct of yours are 3 letters (enclosed).
I’ve looked around and see lots of yours of
earlier years - 76, 75 etc. Can you xxxxxx
possibly match up any of these ?

As for the Myers letters,I’ll ring her
before I seal this letter and will add
something about that if I can contact her.
Terribly rushed at the moment with classes
and preparation for them,as a lot of xxxxxx
students are taking exams (which means
more work for me).


1977 Nov 22nd
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