• Letters to Stanford


I'm advertising in THE TIMES m for accomm-
odation. Mrs. Wechsler suggested I should bait
the advt with the suggestion that I'd do some
baby-sitting. Sort of POET WILL CHANGE NAPPIES,
DO IRONING etc. Have just seen a place advert-
ised in THE TIMES not far from here and have
arranged to go to see it this p.m.

You're quite right to stay your hand re
C. Wilson. Yes,indeed,he answered civilly.
Which is something.

The piece that RTE is b'casting is "Search-
ing is Finding". Had the contract and a pleas-
ant letter. *

Interested In yr news from "F.T." re Benn.
Good. A thought:the'"FT" wd be a nice place to
review for. End of thought.

Love to you both -

* The chapter about L.S.D
printed in "Dublin Magazine" in summer '71
I think the editor selected a number of pieces
for broadcasting. A very roundabout method of having ones
work xxxxx broadcast...
B.B.C. please copy.

1974 Jul 17th
The Times, R.T.E
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