• Letters to Stanford


3 6 HP M

17th July, 1974

My dear Derek,

Thanks yrs 16th.

Glad to have yr confirmation of time
and place of meeting next Wednesday. xxxxxx
So whoever gets there first can bag a table.

I like yr witty reference to "the fair
(though brunette) Herta". To my eye she doesn't
look immediately "German" the way some people
do. There was a German girl in my class last
term whom I greeted with the words: “Are you
German ?“ A very pretty one,too,with a nice
personality, I may say! (And I can tell you I
have sampled xxxxxxx unpleasant
Teutonic womanhood] The good ones are splendid,
and the others fiendish.) xxxx I am happy to
tell you that Herta and I have gradually but
seemingly inevitably deepened our relationship.
For her,the attraction to me was immediate;
but at our first meeting we didn't talk xxxxx
together for more than 5 minutes. But long
enough for her to get my address. Then when she
came in January I couldn't clearly visualise
her. You see ,when I gave her my address,I
thought perhaps she would send me a Christmas
card or something like that,and she had just
been one of a group of teachers-- and not one
who had gained my attention by comments or
questions. But as the Yanks say - that's the
way the cookie crumbles.

1974 Jul 17th
Herta, Teachers
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