• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 16



"Anywhere at all," said Sadie. "I don't mind a bit." Her hand
lay in Kevin's. He looked at her and smiled.

They took the coast road that ran close round by the coast, winding
and twisting beside the sea. The water was bluelooked green today, tipped with
white. Sadie and Kevin decided that they would bathe later.

Mr Blake exclaimed suddenly.

"What's the matter?" asked Kevin, leaning forward.

"Don't know. Just felt a wobble. There it goes again. Think
it might be a flat tyre. I'll pull in."

Mr Blake pulled on the steering wheel, braking gently.
And then the car lurched violently, sending them spinning straight across the
road. The tyre was not flat: the off-side front wheel careered on
down the road leaving the car behind.

Joan Lingard
Sea, Violently
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