• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 3



"The soldiers are asking for it. They're occupying our country."
"I t's not their fault. They'd probably rather be at home."

"Ah, give over arguing you two," said Kate, who was leaninglounging
against the wall. "Why don’t we all go down to the chipperchippy and have
a Coke? Kevin might be down there."

Brede looked at Gerald and said, "Go home at once, Gerald, or
I'll send your dDa after you."

"Aye, away home now, you lot," said Brian. "And I'll see tomorrow.

"Right Brian" said Gerald. He saluted smartly, clicking his heels

The children went at once. Brede watched them go wonderingly.
Brian was looking very well pleased with himself.

"You haven't been eggingencouraging them on, have you, Brian?" she asked

He laughed. He put his hands into his pockets and sauntered off
down the street.

"I used to like him," said Brede. "Now I'm not sure. He's changed."

Kate yawned. "I heard he's got himself mixed up with some IRA.
the Provos."

"Surley not!"

The Provisionals were a splinter group from the Irish Republican
Army. They were dedicated to the unification of Ireland, a dnand
declared that they could only achieve their end by violence. Some-
times they fought in the streets against the IRA and then the
police and the army stayed clear and let them fight it out between

"Let's go down to the chipperchippy" said Kate.

Brede shivered. "I'm cold. I'm going home."

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