• December Bride
  • Part One



The minister stood up, "Dont misunderstand me, Sarah. Your

mother is an old member of the congregration, and it was only to satisfy

myself that she was being well looked after that I came up here.”

Sarah was rather taken aback. So that’s what they think of me

already, she thought, “’Thank ye for calling, Mr Sorleyson. Therenow,

I never offered ye a cup o' tea!”

"It’s no matter" he answered, "I’ve other calls to make before

dark," He turned to her before he left the house. You'll give my

regards to Hamilton and Frank?"

“I will Indeed, Are ye sure ye wouldn’t like me to call them?"

“No, please dont trouble hem, I must go now, before dark," He

shook hands with her and left the farm.

Organisation, Frank
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