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Review,formerly "Poetry Nation". I got a nice
revi w of the Fox book - only 2 yrs late! -
in the latest issue. It came from Andrew
Waterman who first wrote a long introductory
section on Ulster poets,damning them generally
and in particular Michael Longley. I’ve written
to Waterman and had a very nice reply — he will
read to the Group when in London. But if Longley
shd hear of RG-Waterman contacts,well........

Which reminds me/ to tell youthat I have put in for another
Bursary.... '

Yes,Roy’s book is out. Nicely produced,I
thought,and not provincial-looking. He is
disappointed not to have a London publisher -
Chatto turned it down. Roy is somewhat contra-
dictory in attitude: a strong local patriot,he
dislikes all local writers and their works with
one or two exceptions. His style and content has
altered little through the years. Good,I think,
but I feel he ought to strike out into some new
line and not keep chewing over the old Ulster/
Irish themes. But do say a good word about his
book if you can.

Not much else to tell you. I enclose a
new Fox poem. The facts about Giuliano are taken
from Gavin Maxwell's book,"God Protect Me from
My Friends".
love to you both - Robert-

1977 May 31st
Michael Longley
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