• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

31 May 77

replied 6th June 77.

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs of 28th.

Glad sales of INSIDE THE. FORTIES are
going well. So far as I know, my notice
xx for BBN hasn’t appeared.

Interested to hear of yr w/e at Plymouth,
news of Christopher Fry etc.

Rang Jack B this morning just after
getting yr letter. Unfortunately xxx he
can’t manage Wednesdays which is the evg
my Group meets,but we hope to meet sometime
and Jack wd like to come to the next public
reading: 10th July (Sunday). Readers will
be Michael Hamburger,Matthew Sweeney,R.G.
Incidentally,I hope you can come too! The
last public reading was a qualified success.

A small profit,actually,but a poor xxxxxxxxx
attendance. None of the readers is known to
other than a handful of people and they
didn’t try hard enough to rope in their
friends. Thanks for announcing it at your

I’ll look forward to Shirley’s piece on
you xxxxxxxx in the June B and B.

Do you know ,del>xx what is now called PN

1977 May 31st
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