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No. 2 7 P. C.

14 Apr 77
replied:16 Apl

My dear Derek,

Your nice letter of 12th arrivedthis a.m. I saw
reviews of INSIDE THE 40's in D.T. and Guardian
today - what a lot of space.’ The book will be
bought,I’m sure,by every library in the country.
And there must be plenty of reviews to come.
The BBN review,though short, will probably do a
bit of good overseas. I certainly hope so. It
seems to me that bits of the book might be sold
in the U.S. And have you thought of BBC radio
possibilities?- Radio 3 or Radio 4: A number of
40’s poems,introduced by you,for instance ?

I‘ve revised my 40’s piece - it comes to
about 9,000 words with about a third on my
memories of London,Dublin,Belfast respectively.
You will remember that originally thex essay
formed 3 articles in the Irish Times. But who
the hell wants 9,000 words ?

Re: STONY THURSDAY. If you cd mention it
somewhere (not my poems so much as the mag
itself) I’d be grateful. I’ve only corresponded
with John Liady but he seems a nice and capable
young fellow (only 20, I hear). It seems to me x
very creditable for a young chap in a provincial
Irish town to bring out, something of the kind -
this is the 4th issue; and he did a nice
illustrated broadsheet. He doesn’t pay but I like
his enterprise. Let Longley subsidise Liddy.

The Fox dream poem really is based on a dream
- I didn’t change a thing. "No prizes for inter-
pretations” is intended to fox the reader.

Rent up £4 a month as from next May, due to
big increase in rates. Ugh!
hope you enjoyed Ventnor.
Love to you both -

1977 Apr 14th
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