• Letters to Stanford


27 Pembridge Crescent,


29 April 75
replied:2 May

My dear Derek,

I’ve seldom had a more dreadful letter x
than the enclosed (from Padraic Fiacc). He
sounds hysterical. I’ve advised him to get
out and stay out. His wife left him not so
long ago,but I know nothing of his
circumstances or character. Anyway,I
thought you might be interested in seeing
what he has to say. Roy McF could give a
more objective view.

Herta has found accommodation in
Kensington - Phillimore Gdns. This is
more satisfactory than staying in a Hotel.
Things are well for her,myself and my
'son' Mathias.

Love to you both - Robert

x"H.V." enclosed x please return Fiacc letter

1975 Apr 29th
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