• Letters to Stanford


2 7 P. C.

22 nd April,
replied : 25th Apl,

My dear Derek,

Yr very interesting letter of 19th has
just arrived - 3 days in post.

Dr. G.K. seems as strange as they come,
one of the surviving'Characters'. Has he
ever had a job or is he of independent
means ?

Fready went quietly. He isn’t a fighter.
Too passive,in fact. He was getting drunk
regularly,a fact noticed by the landlady.
The last time he was drunk he fell down a
flight of stairs and cut his head. I got
him up to bed with some difficulty,not to
say danger to life and limb. Next day the
landlady wrote to say he had to go and I
didn’t exactly try hard to get her to give
him another chance. Actually,I did get her
to let him stay one more night. He’s now
with the Gillespies. He took my advice and
went to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for help.
When I saw him a few days ago he had been
off the booze for about 10 days and already
looked a lot better. It all depends on
whether he wants to destroy himself - or

Charles Monteith of Faber’s (vice
chairman - or "chairman of vice" has Terence

1975 Apr 22nd
Faber and Faber
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