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36 H P M
March 2,1973
My dear Derek,
Many thanks letter and yr comments on the idea of an Ulster pamphlet. I don’t think I would want to be associated with any place that was politically committed such as those you mention. This may seem strange as I write for TRIB – and have just received another book from them (by that treacherous little bitch Maria Maguire – turning on your friends, even if they are gunmen, is hardly admirable, especially when one makes a packet out of it). No, what I am hoping to do is just to set down the FACTS,as I do not identify with any group in the struggle. The only group is unreservedly support is – GROUP 36.
Anyway,always glad to have yr suggestions.
My school master friend who was recuperating in Yorkshire is spending a week in London. Had dinner with him last night

1973 Mar 2nd
Gunman, Maria Maguire
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