• Letters to Stanford


Sat. No. 27 P.C.

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs of Thurs.

I can meet you in the Mall Tavern next Wed (26th) at
about l.10 - I finish at 1 p.m. at the private school
in Holland Park where I work in the mornings. If you care to
and have time you can cone back and see my flat,and have
a snack.

No cheque from Mrs. Cash. I think Fred Vanson said
something that suggested she was a bit short of the ready.
Can’t remember exactly what he said.

F has been off the booze lately except for last night.
Work is what he needs,not merely for the money but simply
to occupy his time and keep him out of mischief. The
Puritans were right.

The Irish Arts Council (i.e. Dublin-based) have
decided to give Literary Bursaries,x - 3 will be awarded each
year and an annual sum of £6,000 - £8,000 has been set
aside for the purpose. One will go to a writer in the
Irish language. I’m sending for details but won't apply
this year. "Writer" in this context means "creative
writer" and the money can be used for travel/research etc.
I also hear there are Fellowships at the Univs of Glasgow
Dundee and E'burgh that may be vacant in the summer
and I've written to the respective Profs of Eng for
information on the advice of the Scottish Arts Council.

Peter has written tc tell me about arrangements for
design of the book. This will be done by a well-known
Dublin artist (also a writer - has published poetry and
art criticism) called Michael Kane, a man in his xxxxx
40's. I've seen some of his work - modernist and abstract
with a touch of naturalism. Peter says he wants the book
to be as striking as possible.

Hope to see you next xxxx Wed. Love to you both -Robert

x in the past they have given subventions to publishers for specific

19 Jan
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