• Letters to Stanford


27 P. C.

13th March, ' 75
replied:15th Mar

My dear Derek.

Many thanks yrs 12th.

I'm glad you liked my reading of the Pox poem. I feel that
the least a public speaker can do is to be heard. Mumblers waste
everybody's time.

Gerald Clarke,whom I saw last night,is bitterly disappointed
not to have been invited... I said "Cheer up,you'll soon'be
getting your £25."

F has a job interview next Tuesday. L. Gillespie prophesies
that F will never work again. I'm not sure,as he was in a worse
state years ago in London,then went to Geneva and held down good
jobs for several years. I think his schizoid tendencies go in
cycles,so that after a 2 year holiday he may be ready for another
work spell.

2 more Foxes - copies enc.

Have just had a strange book present from my friend in San F
- "The Life and Death of Yukio Mishima"by an Englishman called
Scott-Stokes. Seems interesting'.' *

Love to you both -

1975 Mar 13th
Captain Fox
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