• Letters to Stanford


"Harrison’s History of London" and is called xxxxxx "View of
Acton from the South West" ,showing a rather sombre line of
bushes and trees,and but, a pleasing skyscape. I saw it week after
week in an art shop and at last went in an bought it,for just
under £20.

Had a jubilant letter from Arethusa a few days ago. She has
passed her driving test after several attempts. This will be
very useful to her as they are about 5 miles from the nearest
small town,Bantry,and need to go xxx shopping frequently. Alex
Comfort told me that his wife Ruth got a tremendous lift out of
getting her driving licence in middle-age and it meant a lot to
her subsequent life sans Alex. xxx And you know how exact xxxx xx
and matter-of-fact Alex-is.
Love to you both

Wrote a new Fox the other day, but have to revise it.

1975 Mar 10th
Acton, Arethusa
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