• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews,W.11.

March 1, 1973

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yr letter and confirming
March 7.

Group 36 got off the ground yesterday
despite strikes,Uncle Tom Gasman and all.
I assembled 6 very different bods,none
of whcm was either shy or too talkative.
The cassette recorder came in useful -
I recorded some stuff in advance. Enquir-
ies are still coming in,and there are the
TRIB adverts still to appear. One of
them remarked what a pleasant atmosphere
there was - very different from a class-
room. Mrs. Wechsler not only agrees to
the use of her sitting room but is int-
erested in the success of the venture.

Other news when we meet.

Love to you both-

Another leaflet enc. incase other students are interested.

1973 Mar 1st
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