• Letters to Stanford


27 P C

4 Nov 74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs yestre’en.

I note the Keats Poetry Prize awards
will he announced on 4 December. In the
principal newspapers ? Apart from myself,
Gerald Clarke I’m sure wd like to be on
the look-out. A pity the go-slow has
delayed xx is.

One of the Gillespie girls,Sonia,is
living in Lewes - going to a teacher
training college. A suitably xxxxx anti-
Papist atmosphere for the granddaughter
of a keen Paisleyite. I saw the Gillespies
yesterday - the years have rather tamed
Leslie - four children and all the problems
attached to them, we don’t argue now. He’s
a very good fellow when it comes to practical
help - same goes for Veronica.
They have given me quite a bit of bed-
linen for the flat.

Now this may surprise you. Freddy Vine
is heading for London and I’ve agreed to
let me have one of my rooms. I’ll keep the
nicer one. This will ease the situation

1974 Nov 4th
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