• Letters to Stanford


27 Pembridge Crescent,x W.ll.

10th October,1974

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs of 8th.

Yes,indeed,I'd very much like to cane
on Sat 26th and stay the night. Is there a xx
good train arriving about mid-afternoon
(pref one that comes direct) ? This visitcan be
my birthday celebration.

The Captain's dustbin and w.p.b. have
some nice little items/ I'd like if poss to
do a second Captain Fox book. We'll see how
A GARLAND is received. There should be news
any day now about N.I. Arts Council decision:
to grant or not x to grant. I think Longley
seems fairly well disposed and I take it that
the committee look to him,as a poet,for a
lead. But if Big Ian hears they are dishing
out money to a Dublin publisher,well!!

Still haven't had the Drabble book from
"B and B" but I wrote a notice and sent it to
Cis. Valerie has kindly asked me to lunch
on 24th (Peggie knows the signifance of that
date - United Nations Day ?)

Thanks for yr writing to the Petersfield
xxxxxx bookshop. Ormsby asked me to write a
piece on Denis and I've done about 1,200. I

1974 Oct 10th
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