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The latest Fox. Love to you both - Robert 6th October '74

Written on the Back of a Used Envelope Found in
Captain Fox's Dustbin

Longanimity - must cultivate it.

Meniscus - a crescent-shaped figure.

Paisley pattern:ornamented by cone rather like tree cone.

Pornocracy - undue influence of whores

As, e.g., in early 10th century Papacy.

(unacceptable concept in North Antrim.)

Quandong - nice sound! A small Austrailian tree.

Siskin - a yellow greenish xxx finch

Sirop instead of syrup - Yankee usage.

Vine-rod - a Roman centurion's badge

Whample - a sudden blow (Scots dialect.Ulster too? Ballymena?)

Yoicks - cry of unspeakable fox-hunters

Zen. Tear up your scriptures Holy books

Meditate,master yourself,spew up truth.

x Ian Paisley's constituency

Zynthum - ancient Egyption beer. The last bloody word.

1974 Oct 6th
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