• Letters to Stanford


I can have respect for very,very few of them*.

All in all,then,I should say that D.S. is
the man. Perhaps in some way'I could xxx
mention Robt N. By dedicating one of the poems
to him-the one he published,perhaps, xxxxxxx
The main point of my enquiry was to make
sure that you were willing to be publicly
associated with the Captain. Remember it,may
put you on the police visiting list!

HIB turned down that article but sent
me the £5.50 crit biog of Keith Douglas by
way of consooation prize (for a 500 word
review). I think the xxxxxxx number of appear-
ances in Dublin is having an effect. The lit-
erary world there is small and new develop-
ments are noted.

One of the books from B and B is a
deliciously funny satire by the (late) poet
Randall Jarrell,"Pictures from an Institution".
Appallingly bright:too much so perhaps to be
a really serious novel. It came out 20 years
ago and this is a reissue,so you may have
read it.

Loye to you both -

Please excuse vile paper

1974 Jun 19th
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