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19th June,74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs 17th.

Glad to have yr comments on the latest
Fox. Peggie is right: "fuzz" it is.

Good to hear you have acquired a new
fan in the U..S. Perhaps he could start a
"Stanford Appreciation Club", the SAC ,with
a monthly newsletter. All is possible over

Re dedication: 1. Roy had EVEN WITHOUT
IRENE dedicated to him. He urged me to write
it and nobody else. 2. You have consistently
encouraged me to write the Fox poems and
helped with them one way and another. The
only other writer who has been encouraging,
but to a much lesser extent , ha a been Robt N.
He suggested a book of them when I'd written
about 3 or 4. 3. The book will circulate xxxx
mainly in Ireland so the point about diplom-
acy” is less relevant, it probably won't" get
any notices in the Great Wen,in any case.

4.I don't give a fuck what the literary
boys and girls think. Pew of them know anythin;g
about writing. Sorry to sound truculent but

1974 Jun 19th
Captain Fox
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