• Letters to Stanford


3 6 H P M

2nd March ,’74
replied: 4Mar

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs.

Yes, indeed, you have caught the infection
from me. You have written a very sound and
forceful letter to B and B (on yr advice I
shall write them a rather forceful letter,too)
about that Cornish broth-of-a-boy. "Belly
gnosis" is splendid - and so is "...there are
more xxxxx ways than one of being anti-liberal
and anti-rationalistic". Yes: I am anti-liberal
yet pro-Liberal,and perhaps you are,too. I do
hope your letter goes in - I’m pretty sure it

F has written to me again and told me a
little about his new lady,Mary Hayes - separated
from hubby and war-time marriage - so she ain’t
xxx young. Incredible,as you say. I hope he
wan’t get into any more tangles with the law.

Another letter from my namesake Walter who
appears to be an indefatigable correspondent,
full of information about the family. He writes,
as I may have said,and has had some articles
in print,mainly in "The Shooting Times". He’s
sent me some of them and I enclose one for yr
I please return Walter shoots to kill,
like many another Ulster Scot,though the present
writer must be excluded. Yes, I might write

summat about the Greacens including the Yankee

1974 Mar 2nd
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