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My dear uerek,

Thanks for yrs and congratulations to you and Peggie xxx on the
venture that began 11 years ago - may it last very,very long!
And congrats, too, to you,/u>, for getting such a fine notice in TES. I've
seen the name of John Russell Taylor here and there as a reviewer
but don't know his books, A stout fellow. Why don't you send him a
note ? (NOT a Treasury one - you know what I mean...)

Too late for me to wish Jack godspeed in Nigeria...

Fox Productions roll on,and still another has come off the xxxxxx
assembly line called "Midwinter, W.11"(no 3 day week in that>/u> factory).
I accept your suggested deletion in "Knowing and Not Knowing". My old friend in
Belfast,Denis Ireland,always says the Ulster writer has to guard
against a characteristic fault - not knowing that the job is
finished and putting in a bit more to make sure. He's right.
I'll think about "shitty" in the Haiku.

Roy writes - a characteristic letter. "McF's Worst Xmas" - "I
writes most weekends. Pomes maturing with the plentiful dung."
"I am chary about 2 many words. I am parsimonious because I am
generous. My words spill and I gather them up like turds and weewee
and put them away and hoard another day." "Have they hanged Fred
behind our backs ? because I haven't heard hint or xxxxxx hilt
of him since he was arraigned." (hint or hilt - i.e. news). Very
entertaining. But I think Roy has been having a pretty bad time one
way and another.

Nice letter today from Peter Fallon,along with 3 Gallery Press
booklets (one by Pearse Hutchinson). Well produced - 2 of the 3 with
the assistance of the Arts Council of Ireland (i;e. the Dublin-
based one) which means that Fallon has some pull with the Establish-
ment. Says he will look me up when in London.

And here I must end - Fox,TLS,students etc. are calling.
Love to you both - Robert

P.S. No payment from B+B for Nov.
or Dec. contributions, despite letters and phone calls!

1974 Jan 17th
Peggie, Nigeria, Ulster
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