• Letters to Stanford


N.I Arts Council have commissioned a "poster poem" from his
(£50,000), of which he sends a copy. It will be illustrated
by a Dublin artist. The poem, I think, is quite good
but not one of his best. Writing to order......But I'm delighted
as he rather feels he's been kept out in the cold by the New Men.
Roy is a very good fellow who always pretends he isn't - I think he
fears that people might think him sentimental which he believes
is The End.
Roy also tells me that Freddie Vine's brother-in-law, a man called
Mac Mahon has been murdered. I knew that was the maiden name of
F's 2nd wife, but it's a common Catholic name over there, so I didn't
connect when I read of the xxxxxxx murder.
Freddy + death seem linked (a son drown, 2nd wife dead, brother-in-law murdered...)

Hope you can read this screed -
Love to you both - Robert

1973 Mar 27th
Dublin, Sentimental
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