• Letters to Stanford


COPY of letter published in
THE IRISH TIMES, 7th June,1974


In "Flight of the Earls Now Leaving" James
Simmons says that soon only four poets will
remain in Northern Ireland : xxxxxxx himself
Longley,Muldoon and Hewitt. That is sad. But
in my reckoning there will be six,not four.

I wonder whether Mr. Simmons has not
heard of M Roy McFadden and Padraic Fiacc,
both of whom are still living and writing
poetry in Belfast. With a little bit of
luck he might be able to find some of their
work in the Library of the New University
of Ulster at Coleraine.

Robert Greacen

Simmons' poem discussed various contemporary
poets who have left/still live in N.I.

It was quite entertaining in a doggerel-ish
way,but he obvigously thinks poetry/began
with J.Simmons. Love to you both -
he lectures at N.U.U
3 Foxes sent to Lond. Lit. Edrs

1974 Jun 7th
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