• Letters to Stanford


No. 2 7 P. C.

replied : 28th July 77

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs of 25th.

Glad to hear the story-writing goes on

Glad you like the latest poem. Yes, a
new vein. About time to say goodbye to
Capt. Fox. I've noted the points of query,
especially the one about what could be seen
as a contradictory statement. I've sent the
poem to George Barker's son Sebastian xx as
the he is editing the next issue of AQUARIUS
in honour of Heath-Stubbs who will be 60
next year. As it happens I'm meeting H-S
tomorrow and we are going together to the
Hewison party.

Very kind of you to be willing to suggest xx
my name
for an Arts Council, award. Do you think it
would be better for the suggestion to come from
someone who is primarily a poet ? I'll think
about it. Also,my last book was pubd in
Dublin - in fact my last 2 books. I have an
impression that these things are settled among
people who have personal contacts. The
politics of literature!

Arranging a public reading in Sept for
Dannie Abse. I think the Pembridge Poetiy
Group is getting known. Unfortunately one of
the best young supporters,Matthew Sweeney,is
going to Germany for a year — he brought in a

1977 Jul 27th
Acquarius, Dublin
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