• Letters to Stanford


36 H P M 12 June 74

replied:14 June.

My dear Derek,

Thanks for letter with so much news.

Book review day in I.T. is Sat. though
if a book is important/topical a notice can
appear any day. Can buy the paper easily
(more often than not) at Hotting Hill. Will
send you next Sat's review page.

Viva Latvia! Is that woman,Vera Snikere
(sp ?) whom I met a few times one of the 2
poets ? Good on you,matie! Practising my
Strine as we shall prob be refugees in that
sunny land eventually,as it seems the English
are willing to let the I.R.A. take over in
London. Perhaps an independent Scotland may
take a different line if they start marching
through Glasgow or E'burgh...

Saw Gerald Clarke last night. He has
entered 3 poems for the Big Time Pome Prize
Competition under the name of Simon Waynfleet
- I didn't tell him who the judge was. He
was a bit suspicious about the fact that the
winners would be announced so soon after the
competition closed.

Enc Roy's latest blockbuster,DIRTY LINEN;
also some doggerel. A lot of local allusions.

1974 Jun 12th
Latvia, I.R.A
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