• Letters to Stanford


paying an exorbitant rent and probably living
further away. Now that F has gone, she can use
my kitchen and bring Mathias here for meals.
Convenient for us all. So Freddy's fall (from
grace ?) down the stairs has been providential.
Mathias goes today to what school ? - the FOX
School of course. God knows how he will fare.
No lover of school,he's optimistic enough to
think that different will be better...

Have had dreadful back trouble. Ironically
this has,I think,been caused by Herta's over-
vigorous massage when I complained of backache.
No end to one’s troubles,is there ? Please
excuse note of self-pity but I’ve had a lot of
pain and am walking with some difficulty.

What I’m not complaining about is Herta.
A really wonderful woman. The best ever.

Re John Horder and Kay Dick. Sorry to hear
of their difficulties but am not surprised. A
pity they can’t have really good psychiatric
treatment ,though perhaps even that wouldn’t
help. I think more and more that people like
this are what they are because of their
unwillingness/inability xx to see that others
also suffer. They are prisoners n their own
self-centered world-- crying to be let out but
afraid to come out.

I wonder if you feel that the present
crisis is the worst the country has faced since
1940. But where is the will to conquer ? Where
is the man who encapsulates the spirit of
indomitability ? Enoch Powell ?

Love to you both - Robert

1975 Apr 14th
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