• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 7



Ballyholme and went down on to the sands. They found a sheltered
place in which they could sit shielded from the wind. Sadie took
off her sandals and rubbed her feet in the sand.

"I feel happy, " she said.

"Me too." Kevin lay back with his hands clasped behind his head.

She rolled on to her stomach and looked down at his face. "StrangeFunny we should get on so well together."


"Well, you know what I mean. With so many things against it."

Only anxxx one. And that doesn't seem to matter."

"No. Not when we're together."

"Does it bother you when we're not?"

"I don't know. In a way. I find a it odd when I think about you
going to things like - " she paused "- confession."

"It's a part of my religion."

"It's apart I don.'t like. Kevin, dowould you confess to the priest that you keep companywere going with a Protestant girl?"

He sat up. "There's no law against it. It's not a venialmortal sin."

"I hate that word sin."

He shrugged.

She sat up too and looked him in the face. "Don't you resent the
power the priests have over you?"

"They don't have that much power," he muttered.

"ButOf course they dox," she insisted.

"You know nothing about it." His voice had a hard edge.

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