• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 7




Sadie and Kevin satrode to Bangor on the top deck of the bus, in the front seat.
The country-side looked lush and pretty; the trees were in full bloomin leaf
and sprays of pink and yellow blossom still lingered here
and there.

It was still early in the morning when they got off the bus
in Bangor.
The resrt resort was not busy: it was too soon in the year for holiday-makers.
The local inhabitants moved in and out of the shops gettingi in
their stores for the week-end.

Sadie and Kevin walked along by the sea wall enjoying the smell
of the sea. The breeze whipped back their hair and tinged their
cheeks with pink.

"It's good to be out of the town," said Sadie with a little skip.

They walked round the bay as far as Pickie Pool, the outdoor
swimming poolnd. They had brought their bathing costumes.

"It looks icy cold to me," said Kevin, lookingstaring down at the green water.
"I'm not sure if I fancy it muchx."

'Oh , come on, Kevin*. Once you we're inwet it'll be O.K."

Kevin looked doubtful. "It's all right for you. Women have an extra
layer of fat on them. They don't feel the cold so much." But he
went off to change and reappeared to join her a few minutes later.

"The first bathe of the year," said Sadie as they stood at the side
of the pool.

"It's mad I'm thinking we are to beWe must be mad going swimming in May. This
isn't the Riviera."

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