• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 7



That was the way it went for her too. They kept finding things
on whcih they agreed, attitudes they shared.

They walked backreturned to the town, and there their mood changed again
They sampled the amusement arcades playing the pin ball machines
and fruit machines and even trying their luck at the shooting gallery.
Kevin proved to be a good shot. Sadie watched his concentration as
he lined up his target, his dark eyes intense, his hand steady. He
won first prize.

"You're handya dab hand with a gun," she said.

And then he thought of Brian with hisa gun hidden under thehis bed
and of hism standing there with it in hands at the top of the stairs,
and he frowned.

"What's wrong?" asked Sadie.

"Nothing. Let's go."

He led the way out of the arcade and she followed, puzzled. But
outside he smiled again and she forgot the moemtnlook of blackness x on
his face. She lived in the present too much to worry about even
the moment before.

"Candy floss, madam?" He presented her with a large mound of pink frothy.

They visited the harbour to look at the boats, They hesitateding for^
a long time choosing which one they would have inover the one they would choose in which to sail round the world

He took her hand and led her on again. The day was endless, full
of delight and variation. A day of bright sky and white-tipped green
water and seagulls wheeling overhead.

After they had eaten at tea-time they wandered round the bay to

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Shooting, Arcade
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