• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 7



"We’re mad anyway," laughed Sadie, and in a flash she was poised
up on her toes and dived in neatly. She surfaced gasping.

"You look like you've dived into the Arctic Ocean," aid Kevin,
still hovering on the edge.

"Coawrd!" Her teeth chattered

That brought him in. She swam away from him with strong even
strokes; he pursued her in a fast sprawling crawl. He caught her
by the shoulders.

"What was that you said?"

"You're the bravest man this side of the Boyne."

"The Boyne? I'm not fond of the Boyne." The Boyne was where
King William had fought and defeated the Catholics under James II.
"Let's say the Shannon."

Sadie could say nothing more. Her lips were blue. They swam a
length and then clambered up out of the water.

"Enough's enough,""God, let's get out" said Kevin.

They dressed and went into the restaurant to drink hot chocolate.
As they drank, heat gradually returned to their bodies.

"Boys, I thought the shock would have> killed me," said Kevin.
"Who's idea was that anyway?"

"I thought you were one for a challenege?"

He smiledgrinned back at her. "I'd hardly be here if I weren't, would I?

Theres's a few in my street would be having a heart attack if they could see us now."

"Let's forget about your streext, " said Sadie "and mine."

"A good idea that."

Joan Lingard
Boyne, King William
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