• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 2



"But she doesn't gripe about it."

"Pour us another cup of tea, Aggie." Mr Jackson psuhed his cup
across the table. "And then I'll be off."

Mrs Jackson poured it.

They heard the front door opening and then Linda's voice calling,
"Anybody in?"

Her feet tapped in the lobby and then she opened the kitchen door.

"Oh, hello, Linda," said Mrs Jackson. "Did you get fed up waiting
for Tommy?"

"I was ready early so I just thought I'd come on over." Linda
sat down on the chair Mrs Jackson had vacated and crossed her legs.
"We're a bit late the night, " said Mrs Jackson, running hot water
inx to the sink. "We were waiting for Sadie."

"I don't think she was coming g home." Linda smiled knowingly.
The Jacksons looked at her for it was obvious that Linda knew some-

"Have you seen her?" asked Tommy.

"I saw her on the way home."

"Where was she?"

"At a bus stop." Linda swiung her foot and then for a moment before she added, "She
wasn't alone."

"That's nothing new. She hardly ever is." Mrs Jackson scraped the remains of the food into the bucket.
"Our Sadie knows the half of Belfast," she said, not without pride.
Part of her was pleased that Sadie knew so many people, the other

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Aggie, Belfast
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