• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

6 Oct 77
replied: 8th Oct

My dear Derek,

Still doing my damndest to xxxx cut down
on certain foods and drink. Am also walking a
bit more than usual. You seem to have won the

Interesting about Wrey. He’s having a good
innings. Perhaps he’s tougher than he seems to
be. xxxx what you say about Wrey bringing the
Maclaren-Ross boy to live with him and Diana
does him credit. I think Wrey’s place will be
for his editorial work; he has alwys seemed
weak creatively,to me anyway.

Good about yr stories and you have obviously
been working hard since June. Let’s hope that
Kimber bites.

Note what you say about Fraser Harrison whom
I heard speakingthe other evg on Radio 4 (about
Oscar Wilde). Yes,will let you know if/when I
see yr IRISH TIMES review. As you know,their
reviews are on Saturdays.

Got a copy of CYPHERS from Dublin yesterday
with my poem about Fox in China. This is a
handsome publication (grants from Dublin and
B’fast Arts Councils,so they pay contributors).
Yes,as you said,a lot of my poems are getting
into print. It's Been a long,hard slog trying to
make up for the missing years.

1977 Oct 6th
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