• Letters to Stanford


27 P. C.

6 April 77

My dear Derek,

When I came back yesterday I found a copy
of INSIDE THE FORTIES awaiting me (from xxxx
BBN). I have devoured it eagerly and,even I
didn't know the author,I'd give it a very
favourable review. How excellently you have
recreated the atmosphere of the period! I like
especialty the way you combine personal memory
with critical comment. I congratulate you on
this fine piece of work. I may say that what
you write about me has my full approval: as
Catholic Bishops say in the front of books on
religion of which they approve:Nihil obstat.
I thank you for telling the world that I like
pork chops,useful information for any lady who
hopes to woo me from my darling Herta. But
before I leave the topic of your new volume,
I want to express the wish that it will receive
the critical attention it deserves.(I also
hope - this is a minor matter - that one day
when you visit me at No. 27, you will sign my copy
and also,perhaps,THE FREEDOM OF POETRY (or is
it FROM?!).

I'm sure you realise that you have made an
enemy of Leslie Gillespie because of what you
say about him. He will be in a rage if/when he
sees it. You know,I think,that^I haven't seen
Leslie (or any of his family for almost 2 years.

I just couldn't stand him any longer -- his
bitter envy,and his obsessive frustration
because nobody will publish his work. What a

1977 Apr 6th
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